Diablo Usenet Software

Welcome to the home of Diablo - newsfeeding and newsreading server software.

Diablo is a comprehensive newsfeeding and newsreading software package that was originally developed by Matthew Dillon and now run as an open source project.

Diablo currently requires XMake to compile. XMake is available from the downloads page.

The latest release version of Diablo is 5.1-REL. This and previous versions of Diablo are available from the OpenUsenet Diablo download page.

Major changes from Diablo 5.0-REL to 5.1-REL:

Full details of the changes can be found in the RELEASE_NOTES.

Lists of major changes between older versions of Diablo are also available.

Please report any bugs to diablo-bugs at openusenet.org.


Most of the Diablo documentation is included in the source distribution. This includes the README.* files, man pages and most importantly, the example files which are heavily commented.

Further documentation is:

Diablo Mailing Lists

There are some discussion lists available for Diablo. They are:
To subscribe, send an email message to LISTNAME-request@openusenet.org (replacing LISTNAME with the name of the list above) with the body of the message containing the single word 'subscribe'.

You can also subscribe by following the links above, which include access to the mail archives if you are subscribed.

News Server Alternatives

If you are interested in an alternative to Diablo for newsreading and newsfeeding, INN is probably what you need as the next best thing in free Usenet server software.
The word 'diablo' means 'devil' in Spanish.