Diablo Developer Information

The developers of Diablo encourage bug reports, patches and feature additions. Please don't hesitate to report problems to the diablo-users or diablo-bugs mailing lists. The diablo-users mailing list has a larger distribution.

There are 2 main development branches to Diablo. These are the CURRENT and STABLE branches. The CURRENT (also referred to as "-current") branch is the main development branch and is where all major changes and bug fixes are made first. The STABLE (also referrred to as "-stable") branch is limited to bug fixes on the latest release code and occasionally minor feature additions that have been tested in -current.

If you are submitting a patch or feature addition, please read the following guidelines:

Daily snapshots of the -current and -stable source trees are available off the downloads page. Read-only access to the CVS repository is also detailed off that page.

CVS TAGS are provided for each release of Diablo and for the STABLE branch. The CVS internal HEAD refers to the CURRENT branch.

RELENG_3_3_REL      Release tag
RELENG_3            Current stable branch
RELENG_2            Old stable branch